The main role of the Inspections Department is to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents by ensuring that all buildings in the City of Redwood Falls are constructed, improved and maintained in compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code, Minnesota State Fire Code, and City Ordinances.

The department includes; the Building Official, whose primary responsibilities are code administration, building related plan reviews, and site inspections; the Fire Marshal, whose primary responsibilities are fire related plan reviews, fire safety inspections, and site inspections; and the Zoning Administrator, whose primary responsibilities are determining zoning compliance and code enforcement.

Permits are required before most construction-related projects may begin. If you are unsure whether a project requires a permit, or don’t know which permits are required, contact the Inspections Department at 507-616-7400 or at for assistance.

Electrical inspections and permits are administered by the State of Minnesota. Follow the State of MN instructions to obtain an electrical permit or schedule an electrical inspection.
MN Department of Labor and Industry – Electrical Permits
Questions? Contact the Redwood County Electrical Inspector Kent Weispfennig at 320-444-1700.

For more information, click on the divisions of the Inspections Department below, or call the Inspections Department at 507-616-7400 or at .

Building Inspections Fire Inspections Zoning Inspections

Inspections Department
Municipal Office Building
PO Box 526
333 South Washington Street
Redwood Falls, MN  56283

Office Phone Number:  507-616-7400