Public Utilities Application/Billing

Who provides electric services?

What are the Customer Policies and Procedures?

How do I contact Redwood Falls Public Utilities Customer Service?

How do I sign up for service?

Do you offer Autopay?

What are your current sewer, water, and electric rates?

Is there a way to lower my energy bill?

Do you offer a Cold Weather Rule?

Is your Residential Primary Heat Source Electric?

Residential Electric Heat is sales tax exempt for the billing months of November through April, if electricity is your primary heating source.  For this exemption to be applied, you must provide the utility with a ST3 Certificate of Exemption Form claiming the exemption.

How can I obtain Utility Account Information for a property?

How do I Request Disconnection of Service?

Does Redwood Falls use windpower?

As a residential customer of a SMMPA Member Utility, you can buy some of the most environmentally friendly power on the planet — renewable Wind Power.
Find out more, including how the benefits of wind power are growing throughout America at:  SMMPA/Wind Power

How do I Dispose of Light Bulbs?

Fluorescent lamps (including compact fluorescent lamps) and high-intensity (HID) lamps contain small amounts of mercury that are harmful to the environment. It is illegal to place products that contain mercury in the garbage. Properly recycling your old lamps prevents mercury from ending up in Minnesota’s precious lakes and rivers.  (Note: Fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps are safe to use in your home and mercury is not released when in use.)

Ask us how to properly dispose of CFLs. As we all recycle our used CFLs, we’ll keep mercury out of the environment. You can bring them to City Hall or drop them off during regular business hours at 500 East Tin Street.  This is a service we provide free of charge for City of Redwood Falls’ residents and businesses only.  For any further questions, contact City Hall at 507-616-7400.

How do I report a street light outage?

Call City Hall at 507-616-7400 or email at