Courthouse Square Construction

During the week of Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26, construction will begin on the roadway surrounding the Courthouse (known as the Courthouse Square). The contractor will begin by removing the existing concrete pavement. The project involves installing new watermain, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer under the Courthouse Square roadway. After the utility work, the Courthouse Square will be paved with new concrete pavement and ADA accessible sidewalks.

The northeast corner of the Courthouse Square (adjacent to the law enforcement center) will not be disturbed during this project. The purpose for this is to allow Redwood County to construct the new Courthouse building in the future without having to remove and replace new concrete pavement.

During construction, vehicular access to the Courthouse will be limited; however, pedestrian traffic to the Courthouse will be constantly maintained.

Please contact the following people with further questions:

Will Hermanson – Construction Manager, Schmidt Construction, Inc.: 507-616-6536
Jim Doering – Public Works Project Coordinator, City of Redwood Falls: 507-430-5904
Joe Smith, E.I.T. – Resident Project Representative, Bolton & Menk, Inc.: 507-676-3751