Courthouse Square Update 9.19.19

Courthouse Square Construction
September 19, 2019

The contractor has installed the gravel base on the north, west, and south sections of the Courthouse

The contractor has completed the water service connection to the Courthouse building and is proposing
to complete all the watermain work within the Courthouse Square in the next 3-4 days.
The east roadway entering the Courthouse Square will remain closed. Vehicle access will be provided
from the north and west roadways entering the Courthouse Square. Pedestrian traffic to the main
entrance on the east side of the Courthouse building will continue to be maintained through the orange
fence and cones.

Please contact the following people with further questions:
Will Hermanson – Construction Manager, Schmidt Construction, Inc.: 507-616-6536
Jim Doering – Public Works Project Coordinator, City of Redwood Falls: 507-430-5904
Joe Smith, E.I.T. – Resident Project Representative, Bolton & Menk, Inc.: 507-676-3751