Lake Redwood Reclamation Project Update

The confined disposal facility (CDF) is almost finished and ahead of schedule.

The berm heights are finished and crews are working to push the topsoil back over the waterproof clay cores. Top soiling or pushing the black dirt cover over the berms was finished Friday 10/9/2020.

Next will be to seed the berm to grass and put the final erosion control on the site.

The CDF will sit idle while the Lake Redwood Reclamation Project moves forward. A request for bids will be sent out the later part of December or first of the New Year for the dredging of Lake Redwood. A bid award in late winter is planned. The awarded dredging contractor will then take charge of the CDF and begin laying piping to the CDF from Lake Redwood that will carry the sludge/slurry during the dredging process.

The dredging contractor will also install a decanting structure at the CDF that will drain the clean water off the top after the sediment has settled out inside the berms.

Stay tuned for a final drone flyover of the CDF. Future drone and time-lapse photography are being planned for progress updates as Lake Redwood is being dredged in 2021 and 2022.