Establishment and Composition

A local housing authority in most states is a public non-profit corporation established by State law to undertake a program of slum clearance and low-rent housing for low-income families of the community. A local housing authority operates under a financial assistance contract with the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HRA), a Federal agency, and works closely with HUD in the development and operation of the local authority’s program. The HRA is made up of seven voting members (Minnesota Statute 469.003), of which two are residents (federal mandate) with staggered five-year terms. Vacancies on the Commission are appointment by the Mayor and with the approval of the City Council.

Meeting Schedule

HRA meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00 p.m., at Lakeside Manor, 300 S Minnesota.

Functions and Duties

The Commission is a policy making body of the local housing authority, similar to the board of directors of a private corporation. Among the specific functions of and policies established by the Commissioners are the following:

Bylaws of the local HRA;

  • Tenant admission policies, maximum income limits for admission and continued occupancy and schedules of rents;
  • Personnel policy of the local HRA;
  • Procurement and contracting policy of the local HRA;
  • Authorizing, with the approval of the Council, any new applications for financial assistance to develop additional low-rent housing;
  • Authorizing all major contracts, development and operating budgets and revision thereto;
  • Approval of minutes of meetings of the Commissioners.
  • Organization, Meetings

At the first meeting of each calendar year, the Commission shall elected from its members officers for the coming year and at which the Annual Report of the local HRA operations is presented. The Commission shall hold at least one regular meeting each month and keep minutes of their meetings. A copy of minutes shall be furnished to the Council as soon as possible after the meeting.

The type of information that should be presented each month to the Commissioners by the Executive Director is:

  • A report on tenancy, and vacancies, action to eliminate vacancies, status of rent collections, amount of rent delinquency, and action to avoid rental losses.
  • Report on the waiting list of prospective tenants and whether the existing HRA program is adequate for the community.
  • Report on income and expenses, comparison thereof with approved operating budget.
  • Any major repair or maintenance problems that should be brought to the Commissioners’ attention.
  • Report of tenant problems.


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