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The Code of Ordinances for the City of Redwood Falls includes sections that cover property maintenance, signage, zoning, and public nuisances- such as uncut grass, accumulations of junk and debris, vehicles parked in yards, etc. The purpose of Code Enforcement is to maintain property values and to improve the livability of the City by effectively eliminating blight and by having property owners maintain their property to adopted community standards.

Property maintenance and code enforcement activities promote vibrant, attractive, and desirable neighborhoods; help maintain property values and the significant investments made by City residents; eliminate blight and deter crime and support effective housing maintenance standards. These are all for the benefit of the entire City – residents, businesses and visitors to Redwood Falls.

If a violation of the City Code is found to exist, typically a letter will be sent which outlines the steps that need to be taken to correct the violation and a time frame in which those items need to be completed. In many instances, residents are simply unaware of the Code and correct the situation immediately. However, in some extreme situations, a resolution can be a long, drawn out experience, involving multiple letters, issuance of tickets, and as a last resort, Court action. While no activity may be seen by neighbors, the City is actively pursuing a resolution.

Due to limited resources, the City responds to violations on a complaint basis only. If you believe there are code issues in your neighborhood you may submit a written complaint.  Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.  Your name and personal information is confidential and will not be shared with the public.

To register a complaint, you may contact a code enforcement officer at (507)637-4005 or at [email protected]. You may also register a complaint by printing the Code Enforcement Complaint Form and submit it to the Redwood Falls Police Department or fill out the on-line form below.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form - City of Redwood Falls

Initial Complaint Form Code Enforcement Violation

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