The City holds the rights-of-way within its geographical boundaries as an asset in trust for its citizens.

The City and other public entities have invested millions of dollars in public funds to build and maintain the rights-of-way. It also recognizes that some persons, by placing their equipment in the right-of-way and charging the citizens of the City for goods and services delivered thereby, are using this property held for the public good. Although such services are often necessary or convenient for the citizens, such persons receive revenue and/or profit through their use of public property. Although such service delivery facilities are in most cases a necessary and proper use of right-of-way, the City hereby seeks to regulate and manage such uses pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Ch. 123 and applicable rules of the State of Minnesota.

To provide for the health, safety and well-being of its citizens, and to ensure the structural integrity of its streets and the appropriate use of the rights-of-way by all users, the City strives to keep its rights-of-way in a state of good repair and free from unnecessary encumbrances. Although the general population bears the financial burden for the upkeep of the rights-of-way, one of the causes for the early and excessive deterioration of its rights-of-way is frequent excavation.

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