TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2022 – 5:00 P.M.

1.         Pledge of Allegiance

2.         Call to Order

            – Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum

3.         Approval of Agenda

– City Council Changes

– Staff Changes

4.         Approval of Minutes

A.         December 21, 2021   

5.         Audience Participation (10 minute time limit for items not on the agenda)

6.         Organizational Business  

            A.         Elect City Council President (verbal)  

            B.         Appointments to City Council Committees (verbal)  

            C.         Appointments to Fire Relief Association Board of Trustees  

            D.         Appointments to Commissions (verbal)

            E.         Procedural Items

                        1.  Designate Meeting Day and Time (1st and 3rd Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.)

                        2.  Designate Redwood Gazette as Official Newspaper (verbal)

                        3.  Designate Official Depositories

                        4.  Designate Electronic Funds Transfers

                        5.  Designate Bolton & Menk as Consulting City Engineer (verbal)

7.         Consent Agenda (items approved with one motion)

            A.         Approve Thriveon Statement of Work – PC Refresh

8.         Scheduled Public Hearings

            A          Delinquent Accounts and Maintenance Charges – Resolution #1

            B.         Drew and 4th Street Reconstruction Project Funding – Resolution #2

             9.         Old Business

            A.         Update of City Code to Reflect Transfer of Hospital Ownership – Ordinances #74 & 75

10.       Regular Agenda

            A.         State of MN Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Application – Res. #3   

            B.         State of MN Workforce Housing Development Program Grant Application – Resolution #4

            C.         Summary Publication of Ordinance #74 – Resolution #5 

            D.         Engineering Services Agreement with Bolton & Menk – Resolution #6

            E.         Update Personnel Policy Section 6.9 – Residency Requirements     

11.       Other Items and Communications

            A.         Council Items

            B.         Staff Items 

            C.         Meetings of Interest

12.       Paid Bills and Claims – For Informational Purposes

City of Redwood Falls Accounts Payable Summary

13.       Adjournment

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