City Council Agenda for Tuesday, August 4, 2020

TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2020 – 5:00 P.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Call to Order
– Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum

3. Approval of Agenda
– Council Changes
– Staff Changes

4. Approval of Minutes
A. July 21, 2020

5. Audience Participation (10-minute time limit for items not on the agenda)

6. Consent Agenda
A. Approve Block Party Request

7. Scheduled Public Hearings
A. Assessments for Delinquent Accounts – Resolution #32

8. Old Business

9. Regular Agenda
A. Community Center Parking Lot Entrance Reconstruct Project – Final Pay Request
B. Community Center Parking Lot Expansion Project – Final Pay Request
C. Proposal for Liquor Lodge Outdoor Digital Sign

10. Other Items and Communications
A. Council Items
B. Staff Items

11. Paid Bills and Claims – For Informational Purposes
A. City of Redwood Falls Accounts Payable Summary

12. Adjournment