Police Department

Police Department Contact Information

303 East Third Street
PO Box 526
Redwood Falls, MN  56283

Non-Emergency Line:  507-637-4005
Fax:  507-637-1347

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Jason Cotner, Police Chief

Steve Schroeder, Assistant Police Chief

Mission Statement of the Redwood Falls Police Department

The Mission of the Redwood Falls Police Department is the protection of human life and property through vigorous prevention, investigation of criminal activity, and to maintain the highest quality of life for the community. Members of the Redwood Falls Police Department are committed to achieving this goal by executing their duties with honor, professionalism, and efficiency.

Redwood Falls Police Department

The Redwood Falls Police Department provides 24-hour law enforcement protection to the City of Redwood Falls. The department is made up of a Chief of Police, Assistant Chief of Police, 2 Patrol Sergeants, one School Resource Officer, 6 Patrol Officers and two administrative assistants. On average, the Redwood Falls Police Department typically generates 6,000 Incident Complaint Report’s (ICR) per year. ICR’s are used to document all calls for service or other police activity such as directed patrol or school presentations.

The Redwood Falls Police Department is housed in the Redwood County Law Enforcement Center (LEC). The LEC is also the home of the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office, Redwood County Jail/Dispatch Center, the Redwood County Emergency Manager and the Minnesota State Patrol. In 2014, a renovation to the LEC was completed. The previous LEC had been built in 1983 as an add-on to the original Redwood County Sheriff’s Office which had been built in the late 1800’s.

Police Award Program

The City Council adopted an award program on December 4, 2012, to promote excellence in law enforcement and recognize outstanding performance of its members, as well as citizens who significantly support and assist the Redwood Falls Police Department mission. Members of the public are welcome to nominate an officer or citizen for outstanding service. To make a nomination, click on Police Award Policy.

Emergency Management

Emergency management for Redwood Falls is managed and controlled by the Police Chief of this department. The Chief works closely with the County Emergency Manager and is part of the Redwood County Emergency Management System. Many area citizens are trained as weather spotters and are of valuable assistance during severe weather. Training takes place on a county wide basis through mock disaster drills coordinated with the Redwood County Emergency Manager.

If you are interested in becoming a weather spotter, contact Redwood County Emergency Manager at 507-637-4035.

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