Garbage Services

The City of Redwood Falls has granted West Central Sanitation a franchise to collect and haul mixed municipal solid waste generated by Residential units located within the incorporated areas of the City. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of their services, please call them at 1-800-246-7630 or visit their website at West Central Sanitation.

Garbage Pickup

New Waste Hauler Information Letter 09-05-14

Effective 09-23-14 Garbage Map Pickup Schedule

When the following holidays fall on a regular pickup day, pickup will take place on the day after the holiday:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Project & Shop Dumpster Requirements

Dumpster usage requirements:

Dumpster use by a “Residential Customer” is to be short term and for projects that include home renovations (associated with a building permit) and house cleaning i.e. “Spring Cleaning”

  • No “Mixed Municipal Solid Waste” shall be placed in dumpsters unless the property qualifies as a “Multi-Residential Customer” as defined below and have contracted weekly pickup service with a permitted vendor
  • All “Mixed Municipal Solid Waste” must be placed in the approved green carts or low volume bags and placed out for curbside pickup every 7 days according to the pickup schedule defined for the property location
  • Dumpsters used for shop or home based businesses cannot be used for “Mixed Municipal Solid Waste” disposal and must be enclosed in the garage or constructed enclosure with solid base to obstruct the view of the public when not being serviced
  • Dumpster enclosures must meet proper zoning setbacks


“Mixed Municipal Solid Waste” means garbage, refuse and other solid waste generated by Residential Customers, Multi-Residential Customers, and City-owned and operated facilities. “Mixed Municipal Solid Waste” does not mean garbage, refuse and other solid waste generated by commercial, industrial and other community activities.

“Multi-Residential Customer” means a Multi-Residential Unit located in the City which produces mixed municipal solid waste. “Multi-residential unit” shall mean permanent buildings containing three or more residential units including condominiums, apartment houses, mobile-home parks, travel trailer parks and recreational vehicle parks.

“Residential Customer” means a Residential Unit located in the City which produces mixed municipal solid waste. “Residential Unite” shall mean a dwelling within the incorporated areas of the City occupied by a person or group of persons comprising not more than two families. A residence unit to which service must be rendered under the provisions of the ordinance shall be either a single-family residential unit or a duplex residential unit.

 Contact Information:

Police Chief Public Works Project Coordinator Zoning and Building Inspector
Jason Cotner James Doering Tim Hanna
PO Box 526
303 East 3rd Street
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
PO Box 526
333 S Washington St.
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
PO Box 526
333 S Washington St.
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
Phone 507-637-4005 Phone 507-616-7400 Phone 507-616-7400

2021 Solid Waste
Commercial Licenses

Residents are allowed to use these companies for a temporary dumpster for construction purposes only.

Click here to download the list of providers. 

R & E Sanitation, Inc.
PO Box 248
Morton, MN 56270

Southwest Sanitation
PO Box 425
Marshall, MN 56258

Waste Management of MN, Inc.
PO Box 336
Mankato, MN 56001

West Central Sanitation, Inc.
PO Box 796
Willmar, MN  56201