East 4th Street Reconstruction Project Open House Rescheduled to *Tuesday, February 28, 2023; 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

TO:  Property Owners and Renters along E. 4th Street


RE: 2023 E. 4th Street Reconstruction Project Open House on *Tuesday, February 28, 2023; 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

LOCATION:  Redwood Area Community Center, Room #1, 901 E. Cook Street, Redwood Falls

The City of Redwood Falls will be conducting a full infrastructure and road replacement on E. 4th Street from Mill Street all the way East to Gould Street.

You are invited to attend this open house designed as a come-and-go to meet with City Staff and Engineers to review the project in relation to your property. Topics to discuss can include project duration, property access, temporary utility disruption, and new utility installation. Refer to the attached map showing the extent of the project that will be starting on or around May 1, 2023, with an expected November 2023 substantial completion.

There are NO planned property assessments associated with the project because the City has received two-thirds project funding from Federal and State grants. The total estimated project cost is $4.7 million.

We welcome you to attend and ask questions specific to your property and receive one-on-one answers to your concerns.  City Staff and the project Engineers from Bolton & Menk Inc. will be presenting and sharing contact information for questions that arise after the open house and during construction.

If you cannot attend or have questions prior to the meeting, please contact me at the number provided.



James Doering

Project Works Project Coordinator

City of Redwood Falls Business and Housing DevelopmentVisit Website
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