Snow Emergency Policy


The following regulations will be enforced to allow the plowing of snow from any highway, street, alley, public parking lot, or other public place in the City and the removal of snow from portions of the downtown area and East Bridge Street.


Public notice will be given on KLGR Radio, City Email through Constant Contact, and Social Media announcing the declaration of a snow emergency prior to enforcement of these regulations. Such notice will identify the beginning time and ending time of the snow emergency.

  • PLOWING OF SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES WITHOUT NOTIFICATION: All Snow Emergency Routes are posted “No Parking over 2 inches” and may be plowed multiple times during a storm. Parking tickets will be issued during plowing of emergency routes without notification.


Snow Emergency Routes will be plowed from curb to curb when two (2) or more inches of snow have fallen. No parking will be allowed on these streets until they have been completely plowed.

Snow Emergency Routes include:

  • Fallwood Road from DeKalb St. (CSAH 101) to Gould Street
  • McPhail Drive from East Broadway (T.H. 67) to Fallwood Road
  • Gould Street from East Broadway (T.H. 67) to Second Street
  • Second Street from Gould Street to Mill Street
  • Swain Street from Second Street to Northwood Drive
  • Northwood Drive from Swain Street to CSAH 101
  • Elm Street from Swain Street to fairgrounds
  • Fourth Street from Gould Street to Mill Street (T.H. 71)
  • Wyoming Street from Mill Street to Ramsey Street (T.H. 71),
  • Halvorson Street from East Broadway (T.H. 67) to Normandale Road
  • Lincoln Street from East Broadway (T.H. 67) to East Bridge Street (T.H. 19 & 71)
  • Grove Street from West Bridge Street (T.H. 19) to Pleasant Street
  • Middle Street from Grove Street to Baker Drive
  • Broadway from S. Ramsey Street (T.H. 71) to Mill Street
  • Cook Street from McPhail Street to Hwy 19 & 71 East
  • Sunrise Boulevard from Cook Street to Meadow Lane
  • Meadow Lane from Sunrise Blvd. to DeKalb Street
  • Sunrise Boulevard from East Broadway (T.H. 67) to Knollwood Drive
  • Frontage Roads, both sides, along Hwy 19 & 71
  • Gould Street from Hwy 67 to Normandale Road
  • Second Street from Lincoln Street to Minnesota Street
  • All roads in the Industrial Park
  • All downtown streets and parking lots

Parking lots are signed for limited parking.

During a snow emergency, vehicles may be temporarily parked in the M&L Municipal Parking Lot which is located on the corner of S. Washington Street and E. Bridge Street (103 E. Bridge Street). Vehicles should be parked on the south side of the parking lot and must be removed within 24 hours. After an emergency has been declared and only while the emergency remains active, a person may park or store on residential premises any number of motor vehicles or accessory vehicles on non-impervious surfaces within a side or rear yard.


Any motor vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer, or other personal property in and upon any highway, street, alley, public parking lot or other public place during the snow emergency, will be held in violation of appropriate sections of Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the City Code and tagged as follows:

Snow Emergency Routes - Tickets will be issued, beginning with snow accumulation of 2 inches or more, to vehicles and property parked on Snow Emergency Routes. The Snow Emergency routes may be done multiple times and will continue until snowfall ends and the routes are completely plowed.


All ticketed vehicles or property improperly parked during a snow emergency will be fined in accordance with the current fee schedule for parking fines and will be removed and stored at the owner's expense beginning 8 hours after being ticketed. Descriptions and locations of vehicles and property so removed can be obtained at the office of the City Administrator or the Police Department. Any vehicle or property remaining unclaimed for a period in excess of 15 days will be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 2.80 of the City Code.

  • SNOW REMOVAL FROM SIDEWALKS AND PRIVATE PROPERTY: All snow removed from sidewalks and private property shall be handled so as not to cause snow to lie in traveled public rights of way; with the exception, snow from the public sidewalks may be swept or shoveled from portions of the downtown area and East Bridge Street prior to snow removal by City Minnesota law prohibits the plowing, blowing, shoveling, or otherwise placing snow onto public roadways.

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