It is a misdemeanor and subject to fines set forth under Ordinance 66-4th Series for any owner to direct or allow any clear water drainage defined as stormwater, natural precipitation, ground water or flow from roof runoff, surface runoff, subsurface drainage, down spouts, eave troughs, rainspouts, yard drains, sump pumps, foundation drains, yard fountains, ponds, cistern overflows or water discharge from any nonresidential air conditioning unit or system to drain into the sanitary sewer system of the City.

In certain locations where surface storm water discharge would create a safety hazard during freezing weather, connection to the sanitary sewer with the use of a dual-valve system may be maintained from October 15 to March 15.  In no case shall any connection to the sanitary sewer be maintained from March 15 to October 15.  Exceptions will be granted by permit on a case-by-case basis as determined by authorized city personnel.

Sump Pumps - Did you know?

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