Request for Proposals for Real Estate Brokers Services

The City of Redwood Falls (“City”) is seeking proposals from real estate brokers/firms to sell property owned by the City. The intent of this RFP is to have a broker/firm enter into a Professional Services Contract with the City for real estate brokerage services as outlined herein. The City property to be sold are single-family […]

Advertisement for Bids

Sealed bids will be received by the City Administrator’s Office of the City of Redwood Falls/Public Utilities, Minnesota (RFPU) at City Hall at 333 South Washington Street, Redwood Falls, MN, 56283, until 2:00 P.M. on the 14th day of August 2018, for construction of the Downtown Distribution Conversion – Phase 1, at which time the […]

2018 Archery Deer Hunt Registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 City of Redwood Falls Deer Control Program. With the assistance of the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) office, the City of Redwood Falls has developed a controlled archery hunt to be conducted in designated areas.  A general description of the 2018 program follows: ·         Hunting will […]

July 9, 2018 – Public Service Announcement

THE CITY OF REDWOOD FALLS IS SEEKING INFORMATION ON FLOODED BASEMENTS/BUILDINGS With the recent widespread, high intensity rain events and flooding, the City of Redwood Falls is working to provide information to Redwood County Emergency Management, FEMA and Homeland Security Emergency Management to assist in meeting individual assistance thresholds for residents with basement/building flooding. Information […]

A message from RRRSWA regarding flood clean-up

Due to the heavy rains that came on Monday and Tuesday, there is a lot of clean-up taking place in Redwood County. Please help us spread the word: When disposing of damaged furnishings, etc. from wet basements due to the recent heavy rain and sewer back-ups, please ensure you are NOT disposing of appliances, electronics […]

Redwood Falls residents are asked to limit water use as flooding overloads sewage system

Redwood Falls residents are asked to limit water use as flooding overloads sewage system. Due to heavy rainfall that has overloaded the sanitary sewer system, the City of Redwood Falls is asking residents to minimize water usage by taking short showers and limiting loads of dishes and laundry.

Door-to-Door Sales

The City of Redwood Falls issues Peddlers Licenses for door-to-door sales. The term “peddler” means any person who goes from house to house, from place to place or from street to street, conveying or transporting goods, wares or merchandise or offering or exposing the same for sale, or making sales and delivering articles to purchasers. […]

Our Phone Number has Changed

Effective immediately, the City of Redwood Falls telephone number has changed.  This includes City Hall and the Redwood Falls Public Utilities. Our new telephone number is 507-616-7400.  Please make a note of the number.  

Redwood Falls 2017 Drinking Water Report

Making Safe Drinking Water Your drinking water comes from a groundwater source: five wells ranging from 94 to 268 feet deep, that draw water from the Quaternary Buried Artesian aquifer.  Redwood Falls works hard to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water that meets federal and state water quality requirements. The purpose of this […]

Public Listening Sessions Regarding Redwood Area Hospital

Public Listening Sessions Regarding Redwood Area Hospital  Redwood Area Hospital together with the City of Redwood Falls invite the public to attend a listening session regarding the steps they have taken toward joining the new regional health system, Carris Health, a subsidiary of CentraCare Health. Listening sessions will be held on May 22nd and May […]