Winter Parking Restrictions Until April 1, 2019

This winter’s high snow accumulations reached a point where several city streets are narrow and hard to navigate, which makes it difficult for fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles to reach their destinations. To minimize this public safety concern, the City of Redwood Falls implemented a Winter Parking Restriction to ensure that public safety vehicles can quickly respond to calls for help.

The Winter Parking Restriction allows for parking ONLY on the ODD numbered side of the streets designated as non-Snow Emergency Routes until April 1st, or until conditions warrant lifting the restriction. Vehicles parked in violation of this restriction are subject to being ticketed and towed.

If a snow emergency is declared, there is NO parking on city streets until the snowfall has ended and the street is completely plowed from curb to curb.
If you have questions, please contact City Hall at (507) 616-7400.

– Snow Emergency Routes
– Broadway
– Service lanes on DeKalb Street
– Applewood Lane
– 100 & 200 Blocks of West Bridge St. (Service Lane)
– 100 Block of S. Halvorson (Nelson-Martin Funeral Home)
– 200 Block of Galles Drive (Sunwood Nursing Home)